Tuesday, May 23, 2023
What is promotion

What is promotion?

What is promotion? Promotion is persuasive communication with the customer. It tells the target customers about the product, place, and price. Moreover, it consists of...
What is a product

What is a product?

We will know about what is a product. It is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy the needs or wants...

8 steps of the New Product Development Process. 

We will discuss 8 steps of the New Product Development Process.  Define: Product is anything offered to buyers that gives satisfaction to customers. ...

What does need mean?

What does need mean? A need is a basic requirement that an individual wish to satisfy. Similarly, it is a desire of the target...

What is a Market?

What is a Market? It is a place where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services.  The market consists of all potential customers having a need...

What is niche marketing?

We will know about What is niche marketing? What is niche marketing? In simple words, " It is the business of promoting and selling a product...

What is demand?

When the want is backed by purchasing power, it is called the demand. In other words,wants are backed by the ability to pay, willingness...

What is the Push and Pull strategy?

Push and Pull strategy is one, of the factor affecting the promotion mix of a company. A good promotion blend is very important for...

What is e-marketing?

We will know about What is e-marketing? What is e-marketing? It is the newest channel for direct marketing based on electronic devices. E-business describes a wide...

What is e-commerce?

We will know What is e-commerce? What is e-commerce? E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to selling and buying something electronically by using the internet. So, it...

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