Five levels of Product

Five levels of Product
Five levels of Product

We will discuss Five levels of Product.

Product is anything offered to buyers by sellers to fulling their needs and wants. ” Hence, product completes exchange relationship between buyers and sellers.

Five levels of Product

Following are the levels of products


a. Core Product

It is a service or benefits customers buy. A woman buying lipstick is buying beauty. So, A hotel guest is buying rest and sleep. Hence, It is the utility attached to the product. For example, the need to process digital images.

b. Actual Product

It is the design, quality, features, brand, and packaging offered to customers. Examples are hulas rice, San Miguel Beer, Wai Wai, Sunsilk shampoo, etc. Hence, It delivers the core benefits.

c. Expected Product

It is product attributes and conditions that customers expect. For example, hotel guests expect clean beds and bathrooms.

d. Augmented Product:

It is added benefits and services that satisfy customers beyond their expectations. They delight customers by exceeding their expectations. For example, Free helmets with motorbikes, Phones with free chargers, etc are examples of delight. Hence, It includes installation, delivery, services, credit, and warranty.

e. Potential Products:

It is possible augmentations and transformation of the product in the future. For example, black and white TV into color TV.

Hence, these are the five levels of Product.

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