BBM 2nd Semester Syllabus of all Subject

BBM second Semester Syllabus of all Subject
BBM second Semester Syllabus of all Subject

We will look after the TU BBM 2nd Semester Syllabus of all Subject. BBM’s full forms is Bachelor of Business Management. The major subject of second semester is Financial Accounting, Introductory Macroeconomics, English II, Business Mathematics II, Psychology.

BBM 2nd Semester Syllabus of all Subject

Following is the list of BBM 2nd Semester Subjects

S.NSubjectSubject Code
1Financial AccountingACC 201
2Introductory MacroeconomicsECO 212
3English: IIENG 212
4Business Mathematics IIMTH 212
5PsychologyPSY 201

Financial Accounting: ACC 201

Following is the syllabus of Financial Accounting

ChapterChapter NameTime
1 Introduction7 LH
2Mechanics of Accounting12 LH
3Journal Proper8 LH
4Preparation of financial statements 10 LH
5Cash Flow Statement 6 LH
6Analysis of financial statement5 LH

Introductory to Macroeconomics: ECO 212

Following is the Syllabus of Introductory to amcroeconomics

ChapterChapter NameTime
1Nature and Scope of Macroeconomics4 LH
2National Income: Concept and Measurement9 LH
3Theories of Employment6 LH
4Consumption Function, Saving Function and Investment Functions8 LH
5Macro-economic Equilibrium 13 LH
6Macro-Economic Phenomenon and Policies 8 LH

English: II ENG 212

Following is the syllabus of English II

Part ContentTime
I1. Introduction to the Topic, Reading and Discussion
2. Personal Written Response
3. Further Reading, Writing, and Discussion
4. Focus on Writing Skills
5. Formal Writing Assignment
6. Grammer and Punctuation
29 LH
IIOther Grammers, Patterns making, etc.19 LH

Business Mathematics II: MTH 212

Following is the syllabus of Business Mathematics.

Chapter Chapter NameTime
1Integrations and applications8 LH
2First order differential equations and applications9 LH
3Linear inequalities and linear programming 6 LH
4Linear algebra and applications7 LH
5Functions several variables 9 LH
6Dynamic economic analysis and difference equators 9 LH

Psychology: PSY 201

Following is the syllabus of Psychology

ChapterChapter NameContentTime
1IntroductionUnderstanding Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology
10 LH
2Perception and Social ThoughPerson Perception
Social Behavior
Social Influence
6 LH
3Motivation and Emotion Motivation
Organizations applications of emotion
5 LH
4Learning and MemoryConcept and theories of learning
Application of learning theories
5 LH
5Memory and forgetting Concept, memory process
Memory System
Contemporary approaches to Memory
Improving Memory
6 LH
6Thinking and Problem solvingThinking
Problem Solving
5 LH
7Human Intelligence Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
6 LH
8PersonalityConcept5 LH

Hence, these are the Syllabus if BBMs 2nd semester.

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