Housekeeping operations Question Paper 2079

Housekeeping operations Question Paper 2079
Housekeeping operations Question Paper 2079

We have collected the TU BHM 1 semester Housekeeping operations Exam Question Paper 2079

Housekeeping operations Question Paper 2079

Following are the details information of the question paper.

University: Tribhuvan University

Full Marks: 60

Pass Marks: 30

Time: 3 Hrs

Subject Code: BHM 321

Subject: Housekeeping Operations

Candidates are required to answer all the questions in their own words as far as practicable.

Group: ”A”

Brief Answer Questions:

1. Write any four duties and responsibilities of room maids.

2. Name the equipment required for telephone cleaning.

3. What do you mean by the second service?

4. What is fumigation?

5. Where is the lost and found section located?

6. What do DND, P, N and So stand for?

7. List any four supplies in the bathroom.

8. Mention the types of floor.

9. Define dusting.

10. Briefly write on Maid’s cart.

Group: ”B”

Short Answer Questions

11. List down the importance and the role of the housekeeping department.

12. Explain the various types of keys used in a hotel. Write about key control measures.

13. Write on safety rules for the housekeeping department.

14. Define pest control. Explain the different types of pesticides.

15. What is the room and explain the various types of beds?

16. Write short notes on:

a. Dead Guest

b. Guest Complain

Group: ”C”

Comprehensive Answer Questions:

17. Define the control desk with its function. Explain the files and registers maintained by desk control.

18. What is cleaning? Explaincleaning methods and principles.

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