BHM 1st Semester All Subject Notes

BHM 1st Semester All Subject Notes
BHM 1st Semester All Subject Notes

We have Detail information of TU BHM 1st Semester All Subject Notes. There are five subjects in BHM first semester. They are Food Production & Patisserie – I, Food and Beverage Service – I, House Keeping Operations, English, and Principle of Management.

BHM 1st Semester All Subject Notes

Following are the first semester subject with respective notes

S.NSubjectsSubject CodeLecture HourNotes PDF
1Food Production & Patisserie – IBHM 30148 HrsCLICK HERE
2Food and Beverage Service – IBHM 31148 HrsCLICK HERE
3House Keeping OperationsBHM 32148 HrsCLICK HERE
4EnglishENG 31148 HrsComming Soon
5Principle of ManagementMGT 31148 HrsCLICK HERE

These are the notes of BHM first Semester all subject notes.

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Frequently Asked Question

a. How many subjects are there in BHM?

= There are eight semester in BHM. So, there is 5 subjects in each semester.

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