BHM 1st Semester Syllabus and Subject

BHM 1st Semester Syllabus and Subject
BHM 1st Semester Syllabus and Subject

We will look after the TU BHM 1st Semester Syllabus and Subject. BHM means Bachelors in Business Management.

BHM 1st Semester Syllabus and Subject

Following is the BHM 1st Semester Syllabus and Subject.

Subjects of BHM 1st Semester

Following is the subjects in BHM 1st Semester

S.NSubjectsSubject Code
1Food Production & Patisserie – IBHM 301
2Food and Beverage Service – IBHM 311
3House Keeping OperationsBHM 321
4EnglishENG 311
5Principle of ManagementMGT 311

Subject wise Syllabus of BHM 1st Semester

Following is the syllabus of BHM 1st Semester

Food Production & Patisserie – I : BHM 301

This course aims to make students understand both the theoretical knowledge and practical skill of food production operations.

UnitsChapter NameLecture Hour
1Overview of Catering Industry 3 LH
2Culinary History 5 LH
3Kitchen and Bakery Brigade 4 LH
4Kitchen Equipment 3 LH
5Hygiene 4 LH
6Principles of Cooking6 LH
7Culinary Terms4 LH
8Food Commodities8 LH
9Foundations of Continental Cookery 8 LH
10Dough and Pastes/ Pastry 3 LH
– Identification of Kitchen equipment
– Vegetables cut
– Stocks preparations
– Soups Preparation
– Sauces preparation
Three course continental menus 8 nos.

Food and Beverage Service – I: BHM 311

This course aims to make students understand both the theoretical knowledge and practical skill of food and beverage service operation in hotel and catering industry.

Following is the syllabus of Food and Beverage Service.

UnitsChapter NameLecture Hours
1Catering and Hotel Industry8 LH
2Food and Beverage Service Department4 LH
3Food and Beverage Organization8 LH
4Identification of service equipment 4 LH
5Competencies of service personnel8 LH
6Menu and its type6 LH
7Food and Beverage terminologies 6 LH
8Table Laying 2 LH
9Methods of Service2 LH
10Demonstration + Practical
– Sill room/ Pantry works ( Demonstration)
– Mise-en-scène, Mise-en-place and Briefing
– Restaurant Mise en scène, Mise en place (Demonstration + Practical)
– Service sequence of pre-plated (Demonstration + Practical)
– Service of pre plated (8 continental menus)
32 LH

House Keeping Operations

This course aims to impart knowledge and skill in the basic Housekeeping functions and systems and to acquaint the students with general responsibilities of the Housekeeping department in a hotel.

Following is the syllabus of House Keeping Operations

UnitsChapter Name Lecture Time
1Introduction to Hotel Housekeeping8 LH
2House Keeping Organization 10 LH
3Rooms6 LH
4Safety Measures and Security4 LH
5Cleaning 8 LH
6House keeping Control Desk 6 LH
– Pest Control
– Lost and Found
– Guest Complain
– Dead Guest
– Sick Guest
– Big Don’t
– Customer Relation
– Fire
6 LH
Practical and Demonstration
– Maid Cart and setting of a maid cart
– Room cleaning ( Departure, Occupied, Vacant, Bathroom cleaning )
– Care and cleaning of different floor and furniture
– Mopping
– Dusting
– Metal Polishing
– Telephone Cleaning
– Carpet Shampooing
– Window and Door Cleaning
– Evening service
– Second Service

English: ENG 311

Objectives of the Course are to teach the writing modes, Discuss rhetorical devices ,Present language points required for academic success, Support serious reading and writing activities.

Following is the syllabus of the English

UnitsChapter NameLecture Hour
1The following pieces carry 70% weightages of the course
1. Invitation
2. Ancient Tales
3. Education
4. Actions and Consequences
5. Television
6. Cross cultural bridges
7. Cultural Anthropology
8. Natural Science
9. Humor and satire
10. The human condition
11. Critical and Creative thinking
12. Love
13. Life and death
2The following pieces carry 30% weightage of this course
1. Paragraph to short Essay
2. Descriptive Essay
3. Narrative Essay
4. Opinion Essay
5. Comparison and contrast essays
6. Causes and effect essay
7. The writing process
8. Punctuation
9. connectors
10. Grammars terms

Principle of Management: MGT 311

This module aims to impart the basic management knowledge, and skills to the students so as to enhance their managerial capabilities and enable them to apply in the practical field.

Following is the syllabus of Principle of Management.

UnitsChapter NameLecture Hour
1Introduction4 LH
2Perspective and Evaluation of Management8 LH
3Planning7 LH
4Organizing 8 LH
5Leading7 LH
6Controlling10 LH
7Organizational Change and development 4 LH
8Emerging Concepts in Management

Hence, these are the BHM 1st Semester Syllabus and Subject.

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