MBS 1st Semester All Subject Notes

MBS 1st Semester All Subject Notes
MBS 1st Semester All Subject Notes

We have TU MBS 1st Semester All Subject Notes pdf download. There are five subjects in MBS’s first semester. Each subject carries 100 marks. Students need to appear in 100 marks exam for 4 hours which is later converted into 60 marks. The remaining 40 marks are decided by internal activities. Normally the college decides to mark the students based on attendance, internal exam marks, and so on.

MBS 1st Semester All Subject Notes

Following is the detailed information:

Title of the SubjectCodeCredit HourNotes
Marketing ManagementMKT 5113 Cr HrsCLICK HERE
Managerial EconomicsECO 5123 Cr HrsCLICK HERE
Statistical MethodsMSC 5143 Cr HrsCLICK HERE
Organizational BehaviorMGT 5153 Cr HrsCLICK HERE
Managerial CommunicationMGT 5193 Cr HrsCLICK HERE

Hence, these are the notes of MBS’s first semester.

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