MBS 1st semester syllabus

MBS 1st semester syllabus
MBS 1st semester syllabus

We will look after the MBS 1st semester syllabus. MBS Means Master of Business Studies. There are five subjects in MBS 1st semester. They are Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, Statistical Methods, Organizational Behavior, and Managerial Communication.

MBS 1st semester syllabus


Title of the SubjectCodeCredit Hour
Marketing ManagementMKT 511 3 Cr Hrs
Managerial EconomicsECO 512 3 Cr Hrs
Statistical MethodsMSC 514 3 Cr Hrs
Organizational BehaviorMGT 515 3 Cr Hrs
Managerial CommunicationMGT 519 3 Cr Hrs

MBS 1st semester syllabus


Marketing Management

Following is the syllabus for Marketing Management

Course Objective:

The objective of this course is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to take decisions in
marketing management.

Course Details

UnitsName of the ChaptersLecture Hours
1Introduction6 LH
2Marketing Opportunity Analysis6 LH
3Marketing Information System and Demand Measurement6 LH
4Identifying Market Segment, Target and Position Strategies6 LH
5Competitors Analysis4 LH
6Implementation of Marketing Program: Product Strategies8 LH
7Implementation of Marketing Program: Pricing Strategies4 LH
8Implementation of Marketing Program: Channel & Logistic Strategies3 LH
9Implementation of Marketing Program: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies3 LH
10Evaluation and Control of Marketing2 LH

Managerial Economics

Following is the course content and syllabus of Managerial Economics.

Course Objective

The course aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills in the tools and techniques of economics applicable to managerial decision-making.

Course Details

UnitsName of the ChapterLecture Hours
1Introduction to Managerial Economics and Theories of Firm7 LH
2Demand Analysis and Forecasting8 LH
3Production and Cost Analysis5 LH
4Pricing Theory and Practice14 LH
5Risk Analysis4 LH
6Market Efficiency and Role of Government10 LH

Statistical Methods

Following is the syllabus of the Managerial Economics

Course Objectives

The course aims to impart knowledge and skills of statistical techniques ad their applications in solving business problems.

Course Content

UnitsName of the ChapterLecture Hours
1Probability6 LH
2Probability Distribution6 LH
3Sampling and Estimation6 LH
4Testing of Hypothesis18 LH
5Correlation and Regression Analysis12 LH

Organizational Behavior

Following is the Syllabus of the Organizational Behavior

Course Objective

The major objective of this course is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of behavioral processes.

Course Content

UnitsName of the ChaptersUnit
1Introduction7 LH
2Foundations of Individual Behavior2 LH
3Perception and Attribution7 LH
4Personality and Attitudes9 LH
5Positive Organizational Behavior3 LH
6Motivation and Stress Management4 LH
7Groups and Teams in Organizations4 LH
8Leadership5 LH
9Communication and Conflict4 LH
10Organizational Change and Development3 LH

Managerial Communication

Following is the syllabus of the Managerial Communication

Course Objective

This course, while familiarizing students of advanced Business Studies with the foundational theory of business communication, offers an intensive practice of effective business communication-written, oral, verbal, and non-verbal – so that Business Graduates can apply the skills learned in their career and beyond.

Course Content

UnitsName of the ChaptersLecture Hour
1Understanding the Foundations of Business Communication6 LH
2Writing Letters, memos, e-mails, and instant messages6 LH
3Writing Reports and Proposals8 LH
4Oral and non-verbal communication6 LH
5Preparing a dossier for employment6 LH
– At least one 10 to 15-minute oral presentation.
– At least three business correspondences (topic will be given).
– At least one mid-length report.
– Mock meetings and interview sessions.
– Dossier for job application
16 LH

Hence, these are the MBS 1st semester syllabus in detail.

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