TU MBS Syllabus and Subjects

TU MBS Syllabus and Subjects
TU MBS Syllabus and Subjects

We have detail information of TU MBS Syllabus and Subjects. There are four semesters in two years of MBS. We have discuss mbs fee structure in Nepal of TU.

About MBS


The objective of the MBS programme is to enable the students to work as competent managers and to meet the demand of higher level managers in organizations, particularly in the functional areas of management.

The MBS programme specifically aims to:

1. Equip students with required conceptual knowledge of business and management.

2. Prepare managers in the functional areas of management.

3. Develop knowledge and skill of business environment in national and global perspective.

4. Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.

5. Develop research capability in students.

6. Prepare foundation for advanced studies and research in management.

Evaluations of 40 Marks

Evaluation ActivitiesWeight in %
In-semester pre-board examination40
Class-room activities
(Class presentations, case analysis, group works etc)
Project Assignments30
Class Attendance10

Remaining 60 marks from the written exam.

Grading System

GradeGPAPercentage EquivalentPerformance Remarks
A4.090 and AboveExcellent
A-3.780 – 89.9Very Good
B+3.370 – 79.9First Division
B360 – 69.9Second Division
B-2.755 – 59.9Pass in Individual Course
F0below 55Fail

TU MBS Syllabus and Subjects

First Semester Subjects

Title of the SubjectCodeCredit Hour
Marketing ManagementMKT 5113 Cr Hrs
Managerial EconomicsECO 5123 Cr Hrs
Statistical MethodsMSC 5143 Cr Hrs
Organizational BehaviorMGT 5153 Cr Hrs
Managerial CommunicationMGT 5193 Cr Hrs

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Second Semester

Name of the SubjectsSubject CodeLecture Hours
Management AccountancyACC 51748 LH
Financial ManagementFIN 51048 LH
Human Resource ManagementMGT 51348 LH
Business Environment in NepalMGT 21848 LH
Production and Operations ManagementMSC 51648 LH

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Third Semester Subjects

Name of the SubjectSubject CodeLecture Hours
Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decisions and ControlACC 51948 LH
Strategic ManagementMGT 52348 LH
Entrepreneurship DevelopmentMGT 52448 LH
Research MethodologyMSC 52148 LH
Production ManagementMSG 52048 LH

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Fourth Semester Subjects:

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Normal and Maximum Duration of Study

Following is the normal and maximum duration of study:

  • Normal duration: 24 Months ( 2 Years )
  • Maximum Duration: 5 Years

Degree Requirements

To receive MBS degree the student must have:

  • The successful completion of 60 credit hours as prescribed with a minimum of passing grade in all courses with CGPA of 2.7.
  • A ‘B’ minus or better grade in each of the courses as specified in the curricular structure section.
  • Obtained an overall CGPA of 3.0 or better after combining the GPAs obtained in all courses and dissertation.
  • Completed all the course requirements as specified in the curricular structure section within the prescribed time period specified in the normal and maximum duration of the study section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to study MBS in Nepal?

= In government colleges, the cost to study in Nepal ranges from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per semester. However, privates college are a bit expensive.

What is MBS subject in Nepal?

= There are four semester and each semester has five subjects.

How long is MBS course?

= The normal duration for MBS is 2 years with four semester.

Full Form of MBS?

= Full form of MBS is Master in Business Studies.