What is Primary Data? Method of data collection

What is Primary Data Method of data collection
What is Primary Data Method of data collection

We will know the What is Primary Data? Method of data collection.

What is Primary Data? Method of data collection


Primary Data is the data that is collected directly from the main source through interview, questionnaire, and Observation by the researcher. Primary data requires fieldworks for its generation.

Example of Primary data

1. Market Research

Market research is the process of gathering information about the target market and customers. This kind of data normally collected for business purpose.

An organization does market research to know whether the market is their target or not.

2. Student Thesis

Students do thesis on different topic during their academic research. Here, students get an opportunity to collect data from the primary source.

3. Trauma Survivors

Data can be collected from the Trauma Survivors through interview about their trauma. It generates primary data.

Primary data Collection Methods

Following is the methods for collection of Primary Data

1. Interviews

An interview is the method of data collection which involves two group of people that is Interviewer and Interviewee. Interviewer are the people who ask take interview and collect data. On the other hand, Interviewee are the person who gives interview.

Interview can be done in two ways such as direct interview and telephone interview. In direct interview, researcher goes to the primary source and take interview. Similarly, in telephone interview, interviewer take through mobile phone, telephone, tablet, laptop, and computers.


a. Information is raw and true because it is directly collected from source.

b. The samples can be controlled.


a. It is very expensive

b. It is time consuming

2. Survey and Questionnaries

Surveys and Questionaries are two similar ways to collect primary data. Researcher make group of questions and distribute it to the people for answer. After duly filling the questionnaire, the respondents return the questionnaire to the investigator. This is the most frequently used method for collection of data in case of big inquiries.

Survey and Questionnaires can be done through two ways namely online and offline. Online is usually done through internet.


a. Respondent has enough time to answer the question.

b. There is no chance of biasness of interviewer.

c. It is cheaper than interviews.


a. There is high change of non response.

b. It is a slow process.

3. Observation Method

In this method, the data are gathered by researcher on observing some events. The researcher watches each and every activity of the concerned units and notes them for taking information.

There are different approaches to the observation method. Such as structured or unstructured, controlled or uncontrolled, and participant or non-participant.


a. The data is usually objective.

b. Data is not affected by past future events.


a. It is vey expensive.

Hence, these are the primary data collection methods.