Object Oriented Analysis and Design Question Paper

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Question Paper
Object Oriented Analysis and Design Question Paper

We have collected the TU BIM 7th Semester Object Oriented Analysis and Design Exam Question Paper of 2079, 2022. Old question Paper.

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Question Paper

Following are the details information of the question paper:

University: Tribhuvan University

Full Marks: 40

Pass Marks: 20

Time: 2 hrs

Subject Code: IT 227

Subject: Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Candidates are required to answer all the questions in their own words as far as practicable.

Group: “A”

1. Brief Answer Questions:

i. Why do we need an interface?

ii. What is the importance of Use-case Generalization?

iii. List any two symbols and their task used in the activity diagram.

iv. Why should we prepare a deployment diagram?

v. Give an example of association and composition.

vi. What is an iteration?

vii. How can we achieve high cohesion?

viii. How do we represent abstract class and interface in the descriptive class diagram?

ix. Why does OOAD prefer low coupling?

x. How can a state diagram be used for modeling the dynamic behavior of the system?

Group: “B”

Exercise Problems: [5*4 = 20]

2. Define Abstract Factory Pattern. Use any OOP language to implement singleton?

3. Draw Domain Class Diagram for Online Food Ordering system.

4. Draw a system sequence diagram for withdrawing cash from an ATM machine.

5. Explain about observer pattern with an example.

6. Prepare a Use Case diagram and an activity diagram for the online movie rental system.

Group: “C”

Comprehensive Questions:

7. List all phases of the Rational Unified Process. Explain the use of the package diagram.

8. Define Information Expert. Convert the following design to code ( use any OOP language ).

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