Artificial Intelligence Exam Question Paper 2079

Artificial Intelligence Exam Question Paper 2079
Artificial Intelligence Exam Question Paper 2079

We have collected the Artificial Intelligence Exam Question Paper 2079.

Artificial Intelligence Exam Question Paper 2079

Following are the details information of the Question Paper.

University: Tribhuvan University

Full Marks: 40

Pass Marks: 20

Time: 2 hrs

Subject Code: IT 228

Subject: Artificial Intelligence

Candidates are required to answer all the questions in their own words as far as practicable.

Group: ”A”

1. Brief Answer Questions:

I. Why do we need to make the machine learn?

ii. What is the rational agent?

iii. Give an example of CNF expression.

iv. What are the four ways to evaluate the performance of searching?

v. Why do we need to analyze semantics over syntactic?

vi. What is the function of the inference engine in an expert system?

vii. Why do we need probabilistic reasoning in AI?

viii. List out any two activation functions.

ix. Why do we need to address fuzzy logic in AI?

x. What do you mean by reinforcement learning?

Group: ”B”

Short Answer Questions:

2. Differentiate between goal-based and utility-based agents.

3. How does the hill-climbing search work? What is its problem?

4. What is the task environment? Give the PEAS description of vacuum cleaner agents.

5. Consider the following knowledge base:

Pinky likes all kinds of food. Pinky eats Burger and is still alive. Anything eaten by anyone and is still alive is food.

Write the above sentences in first-order predicate calculus and use interference 4rules to answer Pinky like Burger.

6. Describe the concept of Alpha-beta pruning in min-max search.

Group: ”C”

7. What does heuristic mean? Differentiate between greedy best-first search and A* search.

8. What is an expert system? Describe the expert system with a block diagram.

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