What is the Push and Pull strategy?


Push and Pull strategy is one, of the factor affecting the promotion mix of a company. A good promotion blend is very important for successful marketing. The promotion mix is also affected by whether companies adopt a push or pull strategy.

Pull Strategy

Under Push Strategy, promotion is directed at the end-user or ultimate consumer. The main purpose of using this strategy is to motivate consumers for asking the channel members for the product. This strategy largely depends upon:

  • mass communication
  • the objective of pull buyers through channels by creating end users’ demand.
  • Powerband, extensive distribution.

Push Strategy

Under push strategy, promotion is directed towards the middlemen. This strategy can be successfully implemented in case:

  • the manufacturer has supplied higher quality products with unique selling points (USP).
  • the product is high priced.
  • Adequate incentives to middlemen and salesman are offered.

Hence, it is one of the tools of promotion.

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