What is Marketing?


Marketing is a system of satisfying buyers or target markets through exchange relationships or by fulfilling needs, wants, and preferences. It is not only giving information, not only managing physical flow from one point to another point but offering long-term value and satisfaction to customers.

Marketing consists set of activities related to the product, price, promotion, people, process, and physical (7Ps) composed, designed, and undertaken by makers for fulfilling the dynamic preferences of the target market. So, marketing is the social process of collecting information, designing products, stimulating demand, satisfying customers,s and retaining them over a long period of time to achieve the long-term objectives. It fulfills the needs and wants of both parties through the exchange of relationships. 

Key elements/ components of Marketing

  1. Customer Satisfaction.
  2. Exchange relationship.
  3. Set of activities ( Related to 4Ps or 7Ps).
  4. The central part of the Organization.
  5. Goal Achievement.
  6. Dynamic Environment.
  7. Continuous Process

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