What is e-marketing?


We will know about What is e-marketing?

What is e-marketing?

It is the newest channel for direct marketing based on electronic devices. E-business describes a wide variety of electronic platforms. Such as the sending of purpose orders to suppliers through electronic data interchange of extranets. The use of fax and emails to conduct transactions, the use of ATMs and smart cards to facilitate payment, and the use of interest and online services can be termed as a business in a market space.

The internet today functions as an information source, entertainment source, communication channel, transaction channel, and distribution channel. The way telemarketing has become a major direct marketing tool. Under direct marketing as an interactive method. Especially electronic marketing is becoming very popular and is showing explosive growth.

Types of Electronic Marketing

1. Article marketing

2. Video Marketing

3. Blogging

4. Podcasts

5. Content Marketing

6. Email Marketing

7. Affiliated Marketing

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