What is a buyer’s Behavior Analysis?


We will know about, What is a buyer’s Behavior Analysis?

Buyer’s behavior Analysis means studying observable activities of buyers related to buying decisions or related to purchase activities. It is identifying buyers’ nature, attitudes, and studying their interest in buying, buying activities, etc. No two buyers behave in the same way while buying the product. So, it is necessary to analyze how buyers buy products, how they use and dispose of products, how they interact and react with sellers, etc.

So, buyer’s behavior analysis means identifying answers to various questions such as who participates in buying. When do they buy, how do they buy, who do they buy, why do they buy, etc.

Model of buyer’s Behavior Analysis?

1. Stimuli:

Factors responsible for stimulating demand. It can be internal and external in nature.

2. Influence:

Factors that determine buying decision. It can be age, gender, income, lifestyle, interest, family, society, profession, etc. Hence, all these influence buying decisions.

3. Response:

Buyers’ response to a purchase decision with decisions about purchase time, purchase amount, purchase quantity, etc. Hence, Products actually purchased by buyers.

4. Post Purchase Behaviour

It is related to the buyer’s level of satisfaction and interest to continue. After use or consumption, buyers may be either satisfied or dissatisfied. Satisfied buyers show positive post-purchase behaviors but dissatisfied buyers show negative post behavior. Hence, it helps to redesign the marketing mix.

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