BBS 2nd Year OB & HRM Question Paper 2078

BBS 2nd Year OB & HRM Question Paper 2078
BBS 2nd Year OB & HRM Question Paper 2078

We have TU BBS 2nd Year OB & HRM Question Paper 2078. If you are BBS second-year student then you can practice from these questions.

BBS 2nd Year OB & HRM Question Paper 2078

Following is the question and answer to a few question

University: Tribhuvan University (TU)

Subject: Organizational Behaviors and Human Resource Management

Subject Code: MGT 223

Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 35

Time: 3 hours

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

Group: ”A” ( 10*2 = 20 )

Brief Question Answer

Attempt all the question

1. Point out any two basic assumptions of organizational behaviors.

2. What is cognitive learning?

3. State any two features of an informal group.

4. What do you mean by dysfunctional conflict?

5. List out any two features of organizational development.

6. What do you mean by a readiness to change.

7. Define the term job specification.

8. Point out any two sources of recruitment.

9. What is reward management.

10. Give the meaning of work-life balance.

Group: ”B”

Descriptive Answer Question ( 5*10 = 50 )

Attempt any five questions.

11. What is Social Learning? Explain the relevancy of social learning.

12. State and explain the major determinant of personality.

13. Show the relationship between organizational change and organizational development. Explain any two issues of OD intervention.

14. What are the major human resource outcomes? Describe.

15. Define performance appraisal. Explain in brief the qualities of effective rewards.

16. Describe in brief the major ethics in human resource management (HRM).

Group: ”C”

Analytical Question Answer ( 2*15 = 30 )

Attempts any two questions

17. Why do managers need to study OB? Discuss the major challenges faced by managers in OB.

18. How does an organization evaluate training effectiveness? discuss the different techniques of management development.

19. Critically examine the approaches to conflict management adopted by Nepali organizations.

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