BBS 3rd Year Taxation Model Question 2023

BBS 3rd Year Taxation Model Question 2023
BBS 3rd Year Taxation Model Question 2023

We have TU BBS 3rd Year Taxation Model Question 2023. It is of 100 marks incliding auditing in second part. Taxation is technical subject in which marks can be scored easily. If you go through question properly than it is easly answered.

BBS 3rd Year Taxation Model Question 2023

Following are the detail information.

Group A

Attempts all the Questions

1. Write down different types of taxes.

2. What do you mean by ” Tax Deduction at Source” ?

3. Differentiate between income year and assessment year.

4. Explain the meaning of ” Canon of Equity”?

5. What do you mean Permanent Account Number (PAN)?

6. Briefly drescribe the provision related to qualification of vechiles and accommodation facilities provided to an employee.

7. Mr Messi is argentinan citizen arrived in nepal on 1st Sharwan of previous year and stayed here till to 30 Margh of the previous income year. During this period he provided consultation service to Nepal Football Association and earned amount Rs. 400,000 here in Nepal.

10.Susan is presumptive taxpayer has total turnover and income amount Rs. 3 million and Rs. 3 lacs respectively. Firm is situated in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, he claims the medical expense and life insurance premium amount Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000 respectively. WHat will be the tax implication of such presumptive taxpayer?

Model Question Paper:

Following is the model question Paper.

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