BCA 3rd Semester Model Question Paper

BCA 3rd Semester Model Question Paper
BCA 3rd Semester Model Question Paper

We have TU BCA 3rd Semester Model Question Paper. As of now, we do not have notes but we will soon provide notes. You can easily download the BCA model question of third semester.

BCA 3rd Semester Model Question Paper

Following are the detail information Model Question Paper.

Subject List:

Following are the subject list of third semester.

S.NName of the subjectSubject CodeLecture Hours
1Data Structures and AlgorithmsCACS 20148 Hrs
2OOP in JavaCACS 20448 Hrs
3Probability and StatisticsCAST 20248 Hrs
4System Analysis and DesignCACS 20348 Hrs
5Web TechnologyCACS 20548 Hrs

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There are five subjects in BCA third Semester. They are Data Structures and Algorithms, OOP in Java, Probability and Statistics, System Analysis and Design, and Web Technology.

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