BCA 1st Semester Model Question Paper

BCA 1st Semester Model Question Paper
BCA 1st Semester Model Question Paper

We have detail inofmraion of TU BCA 1st Semester Model Question Paper pdf. Here is the BCA first semester old question paper.

About BCA

BCA means Bachelors in Computer Application. There are 120 colleges of BCA in Nepal which runs for 4 years. It runs under the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Mostly, IT BCA graduates works in IT company as a programmers, graphic designer, system maager, project administrator, etc.

Students need to score Minimum D grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with a CGPA 1.8 or more who are passsed after 2079. Similarly, Students who have passed grade 11 and are waiting for grade 12 results can also apply.

BCA 1st Semester Model Question Paper

Following are the detail information of BCA first semester.

Subject CodeName of the subjectLecture HoursCredit Hours
CACS 101Computer Fundamental and Application48 Hrs3 Hrs
CACS 102Society and Technology48 Hrs3 Hrs
CAEN 103English I48 Hrs3 Hrs
CAMT 104Mathematics I48 Hrs3 Hrs
CACS 105Digital Logic48 Hrs3 Hrs

Model Question Paper

Following is the detail information of the question paper.

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