Fundamentals of Investment Question of 2079

Fundamentals of Investment Question of 2079
Fundamentals of Investment Question of 2079

We have TU BBS Fundamentals of Investment (FIN) Exam Question answer of 2079. All the questions answer are available with us.

Fundamentals of Investment Question of 2079.

Following is the details information of the question

Group A “Brief Answer Questions ” 10*2 = 20

Attempts all the questions:

1. What do you mean by investment plan?

2. List out the uses of market index.

3. Write the role of the primary market.

4. Diffrentiate between market oder and limit order.

5. Calculate the yield on a investment with Rs. 10,000 today that promises to payback Rs. 15,000 at the ends of the 5 years? Is this investment good if you required rate of return is 9 percent?

6. A stock paid Rs. 40 dividend last year. The dividend expected to grow at 6 percent rate for foresable future. If stocks current selling price is Rs. 500, what is the expected return on this stock?

7. A stock has a beta of 1.8 the expected return on the market is 15 percent and the risk free rate is 5 percent. What must be expected rate of return on this stock be? If the return on the stock is 20 percent would you purchase the stock?

8. How do you interpret a portfolio with Jensen’s Alpha of 1.2 percent?

9. What is the value of a put option written on a share if its strike price is Rs. 1.60 and market price of a share is Rs. 140?

10. If you hold a call option, in what situation do you exercise it?

Group B ” Descriptive Answe Questions”

Attempts only 5 qiestions

11. Describe the status of investment environment in Nepal.

12. What do you mean by fixed income securities? Describe the major types of fixed income securities.

13. Numercial

14. Numercial

15. Numercial

16. Numercial

Group C ” Analytical Questions Answer

17. What are the systematic steps involed in investing? How do the consideration about taxes, life cycle of investor and different economic environment affects investment?

18. Numercial

19. Numercial

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