BBM 5th Semester Exam Routine 2079

BBM 5th Semester Exam Routine
BBM 5th Semester Exam Routine

We will look after the TU BBM 5th Semester Exam Routine 2079. The exam will start on 30th Poush and ends on Magh 10, 2079.

BBM 5th Semester Exam Routine 2079

Following is the exam schedule of the BBM 5th Semester.

Exam DateDaySubject CodeCourse Title
14th January 2023
Poush 30th, 2079
SaturdayMGT 203Organizational Behavior
17th January 2023
Magh 03, 2079
TuesdayMGT 314Legal environment of business
19th January 2023
Magh05, 2079
ThursdayMKT 311Fundamental of Marketing
21st January 2023
Magh 07, 2079
SaturdayOPR 311Introduction to operations Management
24th January 2023
Magh 10, 2079
TuesdayEED 211
BNK 211
BNK 214
BNK 215
BNK 218
BNK 216
MKT 211
Entrepreneurship Development
Banking Law
Commercial Banking Operation
Capital and Money Market
Microfinance and rural Banking
Treasury Management
Consumer behavior

First Time exam routine published: 2079/09/14


  1. Exam time and exam center will be informed later.
  2. Please bring all the necessary item to the exam hall such as pen, pencil, graph, calculator, admit card.’
  3. Please be on time to the exam hall.