Principle of Management question paper 2077


We look after the Principle of Management question paper 2077 with their answer.

Principle of Management question paper 2077

Following are the Principle of Management question paper 2077

University: TU

Full Marks: 100

Time: 3 hrs

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as possible. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group ‘A’- Brief Answer Question

Attempt All Question

1. What does an effective goal mean?

2. Put Light on the ‘scalar chain’ principle of management?

3. Show acquaintance to a learning organization.

4. State any four areas of social responsibility.

5. List any two factors necessary for a successful MBO program.

6. Enlist two differences between organic and mechanic organizations.

7. Write the names of four export-oriented industries in Nepal.

8. Write down four barriers to communication. Answer: CLICK HERE

9. List any two reasons for the incompatibility of multinational companies to the least developed economy like Nepal.

10. State any four tools of total quantity management (TQM).

Group ‘B’ – Descriptive Answer Questions

11. What is goal succession? Give an appropriate example of goal succession.

12. Explain the contingency theory of management. Do you think contingency theory is superior to scientific management theory? Explain.

13. Why does strategic planning essential to an organization? Describe the fundamentals of strategic planning.

14. Define centralization and decentralization. Which approach is appropriate for the family-owned small business? Give reasons.

15. Enumerate the major problems of business in Nepal.

16. Define communication. How can an organization enhance effective communication? Explain.

Group ‘C’ – Analytical Answer Questions

17. Business environment analysis is essential for the successful operation of a business in the future. Discuss the statement based on the economic and socio-cultural environment.

18. Previously people used to think that conflict is harmful to the organization. But nowadays, managers of corporate houses argue that conflict is essential to make an organization innovative. In which argument do you agree and why? How can managers solve when they face a conflicting situation in their organization?

19. The major problem of the Nepalese business organization is the inability of maintaining the quality of the products. Do you think that Deming’s principle of quality management can help to solve the problem of quality inconsistency in the Nepalese business organization? Explain.

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