BBS 4th Year Corporate Finance Question of 2079

BBS 4th Year Corporate Finance Question of 2079
BBS 4th Year Corporate Finance Question of 2079

We have TU BBS 4th Year Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Question Answer of 2079.

BBS 4th Year Corporate Finance Question of 2079

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Group A: ” Brief Answer Questions ”

Attemps all the questions

1. Why might conflict arise between stock holders and debt holders ?

2. Differentiate between primary market and secondary markets.

3. Who are the key participants in the transaction of financial institutions?

4. Define the terms financial leverage.

5. Assume that the Interest rate on a 1 years bond is currently 7% and the rate on a 2 years bond is 9%. If the maturity risk premium is zero, what is reasonable forecast of the rate on a 1 year bond next year?

6. A company’s sale, Variables costs and fixed costs are Rs. 500,000, Rs. 300,000 and Rs. 100,000 respectively. It has borrowed Rs. 200,000at 10 percent. Calculate the degree of financial leverage.

7. Under water technology stock is currently trading at Rs. 200 a share. What is the value of call option if exercise price is Rs. 250.

8. What is annual percentage cost of trade credit ( based a 360 day basis ) under the credit terms of 2/10, net 40?

9. Assume that today one canadain dollor is worth 0.6667 US dollor. How many canadian dollor would you receive for 1 US dollar?

10. Suppose you want to buy a computer and local bank will lend you Rs. 100,000. Then loan will be fully amortized over 5 years and the normal interest rate will be 12% per annum. What will be annual installment?

Group B ” Descriptive Question Answer”

Attemps only 5 questions

11. Define forward and future contract. Differentiate forward and future contract?

12. Why is preferred stock is called hydrid stock? Explain the key features of preffered stock.

13. Numerical Questions.

14. Numercial Questions.

15. Numercial Questions.

16. Numercial Questions.

Group C ” Analytical Questions Answer”

Attemps only two questions

17. Define merger and acquisition? Describe the concepts of horizontal, Vertical and conglomerate merger. Also explain the growing need of merger and acquisition in bank and financial institutions in Nepal.

18. Numerical Questions.

19. Numericla Questions.

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