MBS 1st Semester Marketing Model Question

MBS 1st Semester Marketing Model Question
MBS 1st Semester Marketing Model Question

We have TU MBS 1st Semester Marketing Model Question with Answer. It is one of the subject of MBS 1st Semester.

Subject: Marketing Management

Subject Code: MKT 511

Full Marks: 100 Marks

Pass Marks: 50 Marks

Time: 4 Hrs

MBS 1st Semester Marketing Model Question

Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable. Figures in brackets indicate full marks

Group “A” Case/ Situational Analysis Questions

1.    Read the following case carefully and answer the questions that follow:     (30)

Surya Nepal Private Limited (SNPL) is an Indo-Nepal-UK joint venture, which started operations in Nepal in 1986. Surya Nepal is now the largest private sector enterprise in Nepal. And a subsidiary of ITC Limited, India, the balance shares are held by 20 Nepalese individual & corporate shareholders and British American Tobacco (Investment) Limited, UK.

Surya Nepal’s business includes manufacture and marketing of cigarettes and readymade garments in Nepal as well as exports of ready-made garments with a total turnover of over US $100 million. Surya Nepal’s commitment to its corporate vision “enduring value for all stakeholders” has been

uncompromising through the years and is reflected in every product, process and service provided by the company.

The company was awarded the prestigious FNCCI National Excellence Award during 2007 for being the best-managed corporation in Nepal. The company is also the recipient of various national safety and environmental awards and with the constant focus on systemic work processes, both cigarette and garment factories are ISO- 9001:2000 certified.

Surya Nepal is planning to open a new cigarette plant in Tanahu to expand its business, Indian news agency PTI reported Friday. The company is preparing to install the cigarette production plant in the western hilly district within two years at the cost of IRs 150 million.

Surya Nepal’s decision to establish the cigarette plant in Tanahu comes with ITC’s plan to expand its international market. The new plant will create an additional employment for about 100 people.

Surya Nepal, the highest tax payer among Indian joint ventures, produces 15 brands of cigarettes and enjoys about 90 percent market share in Nepal.


  1. Why do you think Surya Nepal is focusing in Nepal’s hilly area than in Terai?
  2. Identify and analyze the growth model of Surya Nepal.
  3. What could be the economic and social impact of the new factory in Tanahu?

Group “B”

Problem Solving/ Critical Analysis Oriented Questions

Attempt any THREE questions:                                                                (3X15 = 45)

2. What is marketing concepts? Discuss the major principles of the marketing concept and compare it with the holistic marketing concept.

3. “Customer retention and winning back lost customers are the key strategy in relationship marketing.” Discuss.

4. “The marketing environmental forces are normally uncontrollable. Marketing managers have to design their marketing activities according to the influence of environmental forces.” Discuss with example.

5. What is demand Measurement? Explanin the methods of measuring current and future demand.

Group “C” Concept Based Short Answer Questions

        Answer any FIVE questions:                                                                    (5×5=25)

6. Explain the major characteristics of consumer market.

7. What is marketing planning? Why is marketing planning important? For Answer: CLICK HERE

8. Describe the methods of measuring current market demand.

9. How do you classify the reaction patterns of competitors?

10. What is product positioning? Describe the major types of positioning. For Example: CLICK HERE

11. Discuss the factors influencing the distributions decisions.

Hence, these are the MBS 1st Semester Marketing Model Question.

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