BBM 3rd Semester Exam Routine 2079

BBM exam Routine
BBM exam Routine

We have collected the TU BBM 3rd Semester Exam Routine 2079. There are five subjects in BBM third semester. BBM means Bachelors of business management.

The exam will start on 16th September 2022 and ends on 22nd September 2022.

BBM 3rd Semester Exam Routine 2079

Following is the details information on the exam schedule of TU BBM third semester.

16th Semester 2022 – 31st Bhadra 2079 – Friday

  • ENG 213: Business Communication

18th September 2022 – 2nd Ashoj 2079 – Sunday

  • FIN 211: Basic Finance

20th September 2022 – 4th Ashoj 2079 – Tuesday

  • SOC 292: Nepalese Society and Politics.

21st September 2022 – 5th Ashoj 2022 – Wednesday

  • STT 211: Business Statistics (Theory)

22nd September 2022 – 6th Ashoj 2079 – Thursday

  • ACC 211: Computer Based Financial Accounting (Theory).

Original Exam Routine:

Routine Published Dated: 2079-05-15


  1. The exam date and Exam time will be informed later.
  2. Please bring all the necessary to the exam hall.

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