BBA 6th Semester Exam Routine 2080

BBA 6th Semester Exam Routine 2079
BBA 6th Semester Exam Routine 2079

Tribhuvan University has published the routine of TU BBA 6th Semester Exam Routine 2080. There are five subjects in BBA sixth Semester.

The subjects of sixth semester are Organizational Behavior, Nepalese Society and Politics, Business Research Methods, Entrepreneurship  and E-Commerce.

The exam will start with the subject Organizational Behavior and ends with the subject E-Commerce.

BBA 6th Semester Exam Routine 2080

Following are the details of the exam routine:

2nd August 2023 – 17th Shrawan 2080 – Wednesday

  • IT 204 = E-Commerce

4th August 2023 – 19th Shrawan 2080 – Friday

  • SOC 202 = Nepalese Society and Politics

7th August 2023 Р22nd Shrawan 2080 -Monday 

  • RCH 201 = Business Research Methods

9th August 2023 –¬† 24th Shrawan 2080 – Wednesday

  • MGT 210 = Entrepreneurship 

11th August 2023 – 26th Shrawan 2080 – Friday

  • MGT 203 = Organizational Behavior¬†
  • MKT 202 = Marketing Communication

Original Exam Routine

FOllowing are the original routine:


a. Please bring your admit card to the exam center.

b. Bring all the necessary items to the exam centers.

c. Please prepare your exam according to the exam schedule.

If you have notes of any semester of BBA than you can donates it to us. It will be very helpful people who do not have notes for exam preparation. They can easly know the structure of the question in the exams.

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Frequently Asked Question:

a. Exam Date of BBA 6th Semester?

= th exam will start from 1st of July, 2023.

b. Exam time of BBA 6th Semester?