Model Question of Entrepreneurship

Model Question of Entrepreneurship
Model Question of Entrepreneurship

We will highlight the Model Question Answer of Entrepreneurship. It is one of the course of BBS 4th Year.

Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 35

Full Time: 3 hours

Model Question of Entrepreneurship

Group ‘A’ – Brief Answer Questions ( 10*2=20)

Attempt All Questions

1. Give a short note on the rural entrepreneurs.

Ans: Entrepreneurs who does their entrepreneurial activities in rural areas are known as rural entrepreneurs. They usually utilizes local resources and discover the new market in rural areas. It is normally based on agricultural.

2. Write how women’s empowerment is possible through women’s entrepreneurship.

Ans: Women empowerment is possible through women entrepreneurship through the following aspects.

a. Women entrepreneurship promotes economic independence of women.

b. Women entrepreneurship improves quality of life of women.

c. Women entrepreneurship promotes gender equality.

d. Women entrepreneurship develops leadership ability of women.

3. What do you mean by social entrepreneurship?

4. Make a short note on ECDPs.

5. What do you mean by idea generation?

6. Write the essential qualities of opportunities.

Ans: Following is the essential qualities of opportunities

a. Attractive

b. Timely

c. Durable

d. Profitability

7. Define intellectual property.

8. Write about angel investors. Ans: CLICK HERE

9. Enlist any four sources of short-term loans for a venture.

Ans: Following is the four source of short term loans for a venture.

a. Bank Overdraft

b. Trade Credit

c. Short Term Bank Loan

d. Factoring

10. Write briefly about Elam.

Group ‘B’ – Descriptive Answer Questions (5*10 = 50)

Attempt any Five Questions only

11. Explain, in brief, the different functions of an entrepreneur.

12. Explain the problems that women entrepreneurs are facing.

13. Explain the different techniques for generating ideas. Answer: CLICK HERE

14. Write the legal issues of the company register in Nepal.

15. Highlights with an example, the sources of financing a venture.

16. Give a brief overview of entrepreneurship development projects in Nepal.

Group ‘C’ – Analytical Answer Questions

17. Define entrepreneurship? Write its importance for a country like Nepal.

18. Explain with examples the emerging concepts in entrepreneurship growth.

19. Write do you mean by the business plan? Explain the different elements of a business plan.

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