Characteristics of Human Resource Planning


We will know about the Characteristics of Human Resource Planning.


Human Resource Planning is the process of acquiring and utilizing human resources in the organization. It helps organizations to get the right number of employees, at the right place, and at the right time. So, human resource problems will be solved when they are solved.

According to R. S. Schuler, ” Human Resource Planning involves forecasting human resource needs for the organization and planning the step necessary to meet these needs. ”

Characteristics of Human Resource Planning

Following are the main characteristics of HR planning:

a. Goal-directed:

HR planning mainly focuses on achieving HR goals and company goals. Hence, HR planning is directly linked with organizational goals and strategy.

b. Future-oriented:

HR planning estimates the demand and supply of manpower with help of past data. Hence, HR planning checks the current status of manpower and estimates to recruit from externally or internally.

c. Qualitative and Quantitative:

HR planning helps to recruit employees on the basis of both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Hence, the most important work of HR planning is the right number of employees with the right skills and competencies at right time.

d. Part of Corporate planning:

Hr planning works in the direction to achieve the company’s objectives. Hence, it greatly contributes to getting the board corporate goal of the organization.

e. Cost-effective and efficient:

HR planning helps organizations run their workforce in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Hence, it avoids underutilization and overstaffing of manpower.

Hence, these are the Characteristics of Human Resource Planning.

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