Characteristics of Human Resource Management


We will know about the Characteristics of Human Resource Management.

Meaning: “It is the process of managing people in an organization for growth of the company”.

Characteristics of Human Resource Management

Following are the characteristics

a. Focus on Human:

HRM mainly focuses on people working in an organization. It manages people in such a way that, they can work efficiently and effectively. Hence, It enhances and uses human potential to achieve the organizational goal.

b. A function of Management:

HRM is a part of management principles and functions. Hence, It involves managerial functions such as planning, implementing, and controlling of acquisition, development, utilization, and maintenance of human resources.

c. Continous Process:

HRM is a continuous process to build a competitive workforce in the organization. It does not take of the present status of people but thinks about the future as well. Hence, it knows the importance of human resources in an organization in long run.

d. Dynamic:

The nature of Human resources changes with the change in the environment. Hence, HRM must adopt the changes that occur in the environment and act accordingly. Hence, they are responsive to environmental changes. So, they are dynamic.

e. Mutuality

HRM makes a harmonious relationship between the company and workers. Hence, it promotes mutuality between employers and employees such as mutual goals, mutual influence, mutual respect, mutual rewards, and mutual responsibilities.

Hence, these are Characteristics of Human Resource Management.

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